PHP Reloaded

Haxe PHP is like PHP, but includes new features like:

Familiar Syntax

New languages like CoffeeScript, TypeScript and Dart throw out familiar syntax for "better" syntax. We like ECMAscript. You can write strings, objects, arrays, functions and many other elements just like you would in JavaScript.

Code Completion

Ever wanted a code editor that can help think for you? Haxe PHP supports automatic code completion. Even when you do not type your variables, Haxe PHP applies type inference to provide fast and accurate feedback on every API.

Find Errors Fast

Through code completion, you can receive instant feedback to help prevent errors before they begin. If you still make a mistake, many errors can be discovered in your code editor, so you can find and fix errors fast, before you load the browser.

Include Regular JavaScript

You do not need to change everything from JavaScript to Haxe PHP: they can work together. You can reference JavaScript untyped, or have extern classes to provide code completion for JavaScript written outside of Haxe PHP.

Free and Open Source

Haxe PHP is free, and most of the libraries are MIT- or BSD-licensed. You can build non-profit or commercial projects without being encumbered by restrictive licenses, no attribution required.

Using externs, Haxe PHP supports xxx. And even more libraries through Haxelib.

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