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I wanted to make contributing to this documentation as easy as possible.
That's why I use Markdown. Developers use it, but is just writing in plane English so everybody can write documentation!
And this documentation hosted on Github, developers favorite place to store code.
Even if you are not a developer. Don't want to clone everything, you still can change the files on the website (you need account to login in and change the .md files). And as a final resort, you can leave your comments/suggestions/etc at the bottom of the page via Disqus.

Visit to change the "source" aka markdown files.

Found any "bug" or have a great idea? Please create a new issue.


Why start another place for Haxe and PHP documentation?

The current documentation

  1. very basic, one example, quickly in-depth
  2. difficult to contribute (ownership)
  3. all over the place
  4. almost none

How to improve on this:

  1. Add more simple, easy to start with examples
    • Simple how to start with Haxe
    • Simple and basic code examples
    • How to use jQuery (no JavaScript without jQuery)
    • Move to more difficult examples
    • I don't mind copy/paste examples (see point 3, but with permission of the writer if its done in a post)
  2. Make contributing as-easy-as-possible
    • I hope Markdown will help with the writing
    • I hope Github will help with contributing/easy access
    • And exporting to static html is not necessary if you are not up for that (I guess that I will do that)
  3. One place for code and website hosting
    • I hope the gh-pages will be THE place to go to for more info


Every new tutorial should have:

+ foldername (use common sense)
    + code (folder with code examples)
    |    + bin
    |    + src
    |    |    - Main.hx
    |    - build.hxml
    - (short description what it will do)
    - (is there something you need to install)
    - (javscript.hxml, Main.hx, how to build, etc)

Open-sourcing the documentation

I thought I was the first to try to write documentation and open-sourcing it this way, but other beat me. Although I was already writing everything with markdown, it looked like a good idea to use Gitbook to "publish" it. Writing documentation is like writing a book.

Other clever developers who had this idea before me:

I want to be positive, but internet says differently...

If you got to this part of the contribute file, GREAT! Although I hope this project will run on contributions of other, the internet is kinda negative about it...

It seems that I am on of the 1%!

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