About loading a json

A very common way of loading data in your web-app is the use of json files.

Haxe can handle json cross-platform

Crossplatform JSON API : it will automatically use the optimized native API if available. Use -D haxeJSON to force usage of the Haxe implementation even if a native API is found : this will provide extra encoding features such as enums (replaced by their index) and StringMaps.

Some more information about json can be found on the classic http://www.w3schools.com/json/

JSON: JavaScript Object Notation.

JSON is a syntax for storing and exchanging data.

JSON is an easier-to-use alternative to XML.

What is JSON?

  • JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation
  • JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format
  • JSON is language independent *
  • JSON is "self-describing" and easy to understand

JSON Values

JSON values can be:

  • A number (integer or floating point)
  • A string (in double quotes)
  • A Boolean (true or false)
  • An array (in square brackets)
  • An object (in curly braces)
  • A null
    "number" : 0,
    "string" : "foobar",
    "bool" : true,
    "array" : ["one","two"],
    "object" : {
    "null" : null

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