You can find more information regarding the core language API, here: JavaScript

Read more about Haxe and JavaScript in the manual:


Javascript itself is beyond the scope of this resource - it is assumed that you already are familiar with it, and you are here to learn about the Haxe JavaScript target.

The following resources are worth checking out as a refresher:

All you learn from these resources about JavaScript is applicable here!

Javascript Externs

Most of the externs can be found on haxelib. Just check under the tag "js" (not all libs mentioned there are externs) of "extern" (not all libs mentioned there are js externs)

In general, the API in Haxe will mirror the original API in Javascript, but sometimes there are minor differences. If you have any questions, please get in contact with the maintainer of the lib. We are glad to help however we can!

For example

A very popular JavaScript library is pixi.js.

The pixi.js extern can be downloaded via:

haxelib install pixijs

And if you visit the page on you can read more about the pixijs extern. For example: the maintainer is Adi Reddy Mora aka adireddy, how to install it (haxelib) where the original open source files are located (github), instructions and lots more.

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