Install Haxe

Before you can use there are a couple of thing you need to do.

Obviously you need to install Haxe. There are a couple of ways to do it, but in this document I will send you to the official place.

And a code editor will be useful!

Current Haxe version is (at the time of writing):

  • Haxe v4.0.0

But if the version numbers changed, it means I haven't updated this part of the document in some time :D

Download Haxe

Code Editors

You can find a extensive list on And even a bigger list on the old website...

(And I see no mentioning of Atom and Brackets.... even more choices)

But to keep everything simple

On Windows

Install FlashDevelop

On everything else

Install Visual Studio Code with the Haxe Extension Pack .

Okay these two are also good for all platforms

Install Sublimetext 2 with the haxe sublime2 bundle.

It's freakish difficult to setup a project, but after that AWESOME! IntelliJ IDEA with Haxe support plugin

Read more about code editors here

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