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JavaScript is one of the targets you can use when you work with Haxe. And JavaScript is becoming one of the most powerful and popular languages you can learn.

You may say the (Haxe) documentation about the JavaScript target is very big.

Well, you guessed it, it's not.

The information is scattered across the web on blogs, forums, tweets, etc.

I can bitch about it, or do something about it... I choose the second.

There used to be a website (an old one, from when Haxe spelled "haXe") that got you started.But that website is no more. I decided to get some of that back. This documentation is based upon the information from the old site and my own need to document Haxe. I started with the information from the old site. A simple copy, paste. Most of the content of this site/book is from different sources (with permission of the writers). Eventually (that means in the future) I will rewrite it (or not).

The JavaScript documentation was not what I wanted to document; I started with HaxeNode. But what is node.js without JavaScript!

The rewrite will focus on getting the old information/tutorials updated to current use of Haxe and JavaScript. And more motivational gif :D !

You can find the original data with WayBack Machine

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