Quick install

This tutorial is for the TL;DR crowd... You just want to get started ... right!

Step 0: You have joined an elite Haxe force!

You are cooler then a polar bear!

Step 1: Install Haxe

You can find installers and binaries for Windows, OS X and Linux on http://haxe.org/download/.

  • Download
  • And install

Step 2: Install Editor

You need an editor, lets install Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

On the homepage of Visual Studio Code find the button for your OS.

  • Download
  • And install

Step 3: Install VSCode - Haxe Extension Pack

To get VSCode working with Haxe you should install the "Haxe Extension Pack"

Haxe Extension Pack

  • Launch VS Code
  • Quick Open (Ctrl+P / ⌘+P)
  • Paste the following command: ext install haxe-extension-pack
  • And type enter

It currently contains 3 extensions

But that might become more in the future!

Step 4 (extra): Install haxelib libraries

This is not necessary but something you eventually need to do.

  • Open terminal
  • Copy and past the following
haxelib install hxnodejs
haxelib git js-kit https://github.com/clemos/haxe-js-kit.git haxelib
haxelib install markdown
haxelib install msignal

Step 5 (Extra): Install NPM/Node.js

Download Node.js: get your version here: https://nodejs.org/

  • Download
  • And install

Now you have access to NPM.

  • Open terminal
  • Copy and paste the following (and see current NPM version)
npm -v

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