This documentation hosted on Github, and pages are presented with Markdown using Gitbook. The process should be very easy/familiar for developers.

Even if you are not a developer and don't want to clone everything, you still can edit the files directly from Github (you need account to login in and edit the .md files).

As a final resort, you can leave your comments/suggestions/etc. at the bottom of the page via Disqus.

Visit to fork the documentation, or just report issues.

Found any "bug" or have a great idea? Please create a new issue.

About open-sourcing documentation

Open-source documentation is quite fitting for an open-source programming language; writing documentation is an easy and simple way to contribute, even if you're intimidated by some project's complexity.

Resources about writing documentation (Markdown)

Installation, HTML generation

npm install
npm run build
open docs/index.html

Tutorial structure

Every new tutorial should have:

+ foldername (use common sense)
    + code (folder with code examples)
    |    + bin
    |    + src
    |    |    - Main.hx
    |    - build.hxml
    - (short description what it will do)
    - (is there something you need to install)
    - (javscript.hxml, Main.hx, how to build, etc)

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