About generating externs

If you need to read up on this subject I would suggest you read Your Favorites, Extended. It explains what externs are, how they work, etc.


Although its possible to generate JavaScript externs I would advice to Google first if someone did the heavy lifting already. Google haxelib nameOfTheLib or haxe nameOfTheLib

And as a last warning I quote Phillippe Elsass:

But how do you write externs for complex libraries if they doesn't exist already? Sadly the answer is: with great courage, patience and a lot of free time... Although it is possible to fully automate the process, it is more often entirely manual. I won't recommend you to jump right away on creating externs for a big JS library out there, especially if you aren’t an experienced and motivated Haxe developer: creating and keeping up to date such definitions require dedication; there is nothing more frustrating that discovering out of date (or incorrect) ones.

Automated proces

The awesome Openfl developer Joshua Granick is a true open-source developer. He created buildhx which helps to generate externs for native libraries.

I could explain it more, but I am not that motivated Haxe developer.

Read more about the subject and I wish you good luck:

Must read

Phillippe Elsass wrote an article about this subject. Its very good and explains what you can do with Haxe and external JS-libraries. He describes 3 methods and this document only describes number 3.

Check it out: http://philippe.elsass.me/2014/11/haxe-working-with-javascript-libraries/


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