Write to a simple json database... Done in Haxe

How to start

Create a folder named foobar (please use a better name; any name will do) and create folders bin and src. See example below:

+ foobar
    + bin
    + src
        - Main.hx
    - javascript.hxml


Check out the installation.

The Main.hx

Open your favorite editor, copy/paste the code and save it in the src folder.

package ;

import js.Node;

 * @author Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck]
class Main
    function new()
        trace("Node.js Haxelow Example");

        // Create the database
        var db = new HaxeLow('db.json');

        // Get a collection of a class
        var persons = db.col(Person);

        // persons is now an Array<Person>
        // that can be manipulated as you like
        persons.push(new Person("Test", 50));

        // Save all collections to disk.
        // This is the only way to save, no automatic saving
        // takes place.

    static public function main()
        var main = new Main();

class Person {
    public function new(name, age) {
        this.name = name;
        this.age = age;

    public var name : String;
    public var age : Int;

The Haxe build file, javascript.hxml

Copy and past the following lines in a document named javascript.hxml This is the short version, you want to chech out the full version open this file;

# // javascript.hxml
-lib js-kit
-lib hxnodejs
-lib haxelow
-cp src
-main Main
-js bin/example.js
-cmd node bin/example.js

Build js with Haxe and start Node

To finish and see what we have, build the file and see the result

  1. Open your terminal
  2. cd to the correct folder where you have saved the javascript.hxml
  3. type haxe javascript.hxml
  4. press enter

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